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“I have recently created a personal community on Patreon so you can, if you would like to, support my musical work and be part of my ongoing creative journey. I see my creativity is best used to respond to life around us and look forward to listening, creating and expressing through music what is coming up to be sung into at this time in history.”

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“For those of you who have followed my career over many years I wish to open up a new opportunity. I’d like to have more of an ongoing relationship with you so I can listen to what your thoughts are and respond. We are now at a pivotal time in history, a time of uncertainty and transformation that most of us have never experienced before. It is in these times of reflection that we have the chance to heal. It is in these times of significant change that we have the chance to focus on what we want to see in the world. What role do we each want to take in creating a beautiful, harmonious world that works for our needs (not our greed) and places the things we value (eg: clean air, water and freedom) as the lens through which we collectively make decisions?

I would love to listen and work with you. I’d love to be part of creating what you personally need – to bring solace and sanctuary to this time of uncertainty and to also add my voice to collectively breathing life into the world we wish to see.

I thank you sincerely for your support and for your willingness to play your part. There is magic ahead…”

– Karen Knowles

Karen’s 7th album Solid Ground has been the start of this journey when Karen felt drawn to sing up country and sing for the land. Now it seems like a time to sing for all of life on earth, to sing out our discomfort, pain and trauma, to heal our fear and nervous systems so we are able to be fully present to what is becoming. A new time of harmony on planet earth won’t be an easy journey but it will be incredibly transformative and healing. Karen sees that the arts will come to the forefront in their role of giving form to what we are collectively wishing to birth.

There are three levels of support at Karen’s Patreon page offering different levels of engagement, including behind the scenes exclusive content and regular updates on new online and concert events. The “New Way” Patron is a response to this time and offers a way to engage with Karen via email weekly and have her synthesize her community’s feedback / feelings into themes from which she will then create a new piece of work each month based on what is rising to be expressed.

We’d love you to be a part of Karen’s circle. It is Karen’s dream to collaborate with others to bring forth a New Way that honours our history and the unique role each of us has in evolving a way to re-connect while honouring Life, respect and freedom.

Music is a universal language and speaks into the unseen. Karen sees it has an integral role now to help us at this time to give form to possibilities – a soft place to be together to Imagine…..

If you’d like to join Karen’s personal community and become a patron of her work further details on the three options are available at:

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