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I feel most alive when my creativity is being used to respond to life happening around us in the moment. I am so enriched and look forward to a future of more listening, creating and expressing through music what is coming up to be sung into at this time in history.

For those of you who have followed my career over many years I wish to open up a new opportunity.

I have recently created a personal community on Patreon so you can (if you would like to) demonstrate your support of my musical work and be part of my ongoing creative journey, I would be soooo pleased to invite you as a patron.

Patreon has opened a new window for people who love particular musicians’ work to support directly and be directly involved in their creative processes. It is such a gift for all creatives to have this channel now available as it supports creatives in our own way and creates a dialogue with those who love what we do – what can be better than that?! As I see it so much of what we see in the world now is based on the environment that gives the foundations for things. I think we need to choose well now what kind of environments we are fostering. I see what patreon offers as such a wonderful addition to musicians’ landscape – making works viable while also allowing for connection with creatives’ works and their followers. It takes things to a new level!

I‘d like to have more of an ongoing relationship with you so I can listen to what your thoughts are and respond. We are now at a pivotal time in history, a time of uncertainty and transformation that most of us have never experienced before. It is in these times of reflection that we have the chance to reflect & heal. It is in these times of significant change that we have the chance to focus on what we want to see in the world. What role do we each want to take in creating a beautiful, harmonious world that works for our needs (not our greed) and places the things we value (eg: clean air, water and freedom) as the lens through which we collectively make decisions? How can music help us give expression to things we don’t have words for?

I would love to listen and work with you. I’d love to be part of creating what you personally need – to bring solace and sanctuary to this time of uncertainty and to also add my voice to collectively breathing life into the world we wish to see.

I’d be very grateful if you would consider this pathway as an option that may work for you.

For those of you who do wish to join me in this way, I thank you sincerely for your support and for your willingness to play your part. There is magic ahead..

– Karen Knowles, December 2020

Karen has been making music since 1975 when she started singing on television on YTT and recording albums since 1980! Where have all the years gone?

Music has opened up so much awareness and creative doors. The journey continues with new music written by Karen that gives voice and expression in her language to where we find ourselves now …..

Join Karen’s personal community at Patreon where you can support Karen’s music and have direct involvement in her creative process….

There are three levels of support at Karen’s Patreon page currently offering different levels of engagement, including behind the scenes exclusive content and regular updates on new online and concert events. Further levels will soon be added.

The “New Way” Patron is a response to this time and offers a way to engage with Karen via email weekly and have her synthesize her community’s feedback / feelings into themes from which she will then create a new piece of work each month based on what is rising to be expressed.

We’d love you to be a part of Karen’s circle. It is Karen’s dream to collaborate with others to bring forth a New Way that honours our history and the unique role each of us has in evolving a way to re-connect while honouring Life, respect and freedom.

Music is a universal language and speaks into the unseen. Karen sees it has an integral role now to help us at this time to give form to possibilities – a soft place to be together to Imagine…..

If you’d like to join Karen’s personal community and become a patron of her work further details on the three options are available at:

Karen’s latest album and upcoming releases

Karen continues to write and record new music.

Karen’s 7th album Solid Ground has been the start of this deep listening journey when Karen felt drawn to sing up country and sing for the land. Now it seems like a time to sing for all of life on earth, to sing out our discomfort, pain and trauma, to heal our fear and nervous systems so we are able to be fully present to what is becoming. A new time of harmony on planet earth won’t be an easy journey but it will be incredibly transformative and healing. Karen sees that the arts will come to the forefront in their role of giving form to what we are collectively wishing to birth.

Further details on her latest release Solid Ground are available here

Karen recently released a Christmas gift the single One gift for all on Christmas Day 2020.

Other related new music has been composed and is in the pipeline to be recorded and released in 2021….
To pre order Karen’s new album click here

Karen is so looking forward to moving forward together in a harmonious and collaborative way and so appreciates your involvement in pre-ordering the new album to make things possible (cost of studio time, musicians, mixing, mastering etc) so there is reciprocity in the mix – practicalities and inspiration!….

being, doing, collaborating, learning, creating together….

At the heart of everything Karen does as a singer, lawyer and innovator is a love of community.

Karen founded the organisation Wiilpa in 2014 to create a new holistic worldview for collaboration so we can start to evolve a thriving and respectful way for society to move forward in tune with nature. Karen has collaborated with many people over the years from musicians to leaders to lawyers and policy makers and environmentalists and working across so many fields she brings her whole self to everything she does.

Karen currently divides her time as a singer, personal coach (focussing on assisting people open up from any blocks to their full self expression) and she also feels called to create safe nurturing spaces for community, especially during this intense time of change and transition in the world.

Her work with Wiilpa continues as a holistic overview. While “seeing things from the stars” everything becomes possible.

The House that Breathes
Series is Karen’s latest community offering which launched in September 2020.

Created as a circle of care for today’s world this regular online gathering features relaxing music, reflections and insights from musicians, wellness practitioners, elders and people who wish to contribute to a new reciprocal and respectful way to live and thrive.

The House that Breathes is created as a response to this great time of change. Intended as a supportive space to hold people through this great time of transition, we look forward to welcoming you to be together as we unravel, heal, reflect and when the time arises take action together coherently to create a New Way forward.

Further details including registration details are available here

The House that Breathes Series is open to members who wish to take an active and interactive role in a community that affirms and assists people to maintain balance and wellness at this challenging time of change.

Some people love the active engagement at the live online events while others prefer to be involved as listeners. We will also be running in person events in the future so please contact us if you would love to be involved.

At all House that Breathes events we listen and evolve the content according to what is happening in the world and according to the needs of the community – all done with reciprocity and respect. We run the regular online events on a Thursday at 7.30 pm and are also in the process of creating on demand content that people can access in their own time (where that works better for some people’s schedules).

We now have a way for you to trial joining the community over a four week period – contact us here to express your interest – depending on the timing of your request we can advise you about the offers that are available. We are now meeting regularly as a public gathering weekly (Thursdays at 7.30 pm) and often offer sound healing and other wellness practices as part of the gathering.

The intention overall is to create an environment that operates as the fertile soil for a thriving community.

We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in being involved and we can work out your best commencement date.

Contact us here to express your interest.

Registrations and further details on the intention behind the community and some of the practitioners involved (which will keep growing (many of our members have many gifts which we will also embrace and foster) are available here


The House that Breathes – 7.30 pm Thursdays
Karen Michael and Christina
sound healing with Karen
breathing through it all….

If you have any queries at any stage, feel free to contact Karen here


Bringing nature into your every day

New artworks and items designed by Karen based on photography from her travels

Bringing nature into the everyday, based on photos taken around Australia (mainly), Karen has created some products to uplift and embed the beauty of nature in our everyday experience….a clock example is below….further examples are here

Clock – see Karen’s products
Karen – subscribe for events & new music below
Sacred circles – reciprocity built into all Karen does
The House that Breathes – Thursdays at 7.30 pm

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