The Tuned2You program is designed by singer and performer Karen Knowles as a personal vision discovery program, specifically tailored to help you deal with the stresses of the significant change in our life circumstances. It offers a deep exploration on how to unravel stress, anchor yourself in your values and re-connect with the natural world. The goal is to open up ways for you to live resourcefully so you can adjust flexibly to change and adapt to our “new normal”. Our wish is for you to feel empowered to live your life with soulful self awareness. 

During the 16 week program delivered online through regular videos, associated templates, interviews with experts in various fields of wellness practices is all personally curated by Karen. Karen walks with  you through a tailored process built upon her experience over so many years in the creative industries as a singer and coach and her personal life experience using the breath as our foundation along with personal learnings she can now share about her lived experienced with various other wellness modalities. 

Regular questionnaires give us feedback on how you are travelling throughout the program. Karen then takes your experience on board and tailors your in person coaching sessions accordingly as part of the program.

We help you uncover the gems hidden in your inner world that often remain unseen and open pathways for grounded insights you can take with you into your outer world so you can live expansively. Connected rather than isolated The Tuned2You program will help you maintain the radiance of your being. We provide you with daily and monthly tools to help keep you open, resourceful and able to face whatever challenges that come.

During the program Karen will guide you to

  • access and understand what your senses are telling you about what is currently happening in your body and through your emotions;
  • be guided on your personal pathway to explore any blocks that are in place restricting access to your full potential;
  • anchor yourself and your life in your values and goals; 
  • discover ways to create a life that is congruent with your values

As part of the Tuned2You program we give you practical daily tools to assist you to keep on track.

The Tuned2You Program is delivered as six video training modules and two one on one hour personal coaching sessions with Karen.

It is designed to be an everyday support for your self care program. Karen’s expert guidance and the guidance of other wellness experts will see you have support in perpetuity – it becomes a foundation from which you can design a life that is in tune with you!

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