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The journey continues…..

Karen continues to write and record new music. Further details on her latest release Solid Ground are available here

Karen released a Christmas gift One gift for all on Christmas Day 2020. Other related new music has been composed and is in the pipeline to be recorded and released in 2021….

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Karen is so looking forward to moving forward together in a harmonious and collaborative way and so appreciates your involvement in pre-ordering the new album to make things possible (cost of studio time, musicians, mixing, mastering etc) so there is reciprocity in the mix – practicalities and inspiration!….

If you appreciate and would like to support the ongoing creation of Karen’s new music in an ongoing way and wish to be directly involved in Karen’s musical journey you can become a patron via Patreon.

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House that Breathes community gatherings and events

Community – being, doing, collaborating, learning, creating together….

At the heart of everything Karen does as a singer, lawyer and innovator is a love of community.

Karen founded the organisation Wiilpa in 2014 to create a new holistic worldview for collaboration so we can start to evolve a thriving and respectful way for society to move forward in tune with nature. Karen has collaborated with many people over the years from musicians to leaders to lawyers and policy makers and environmentalists and working across so many fields she brings her whole self to everything she does.

Karen currently divides her time as a singer, personal coach (focussing on assisting people open up from any blocks to their full self expression) and she also feels called to create safe nurturing spaces for community, especially during this intense time of change and transition in the world.

Her work with Wiilpa continues as a holistic overview -“seeing things from the stars” everything becomes possible.

The House that Breathes

The House that breathes is Karen’s latest community offering and will launch in September 2020.

Created as a circle of care for today’s world this regular online gathering will feature relaxing music, reflections and insights from musicians, wellness practitioners, elders and people who wish to contribute to a new reciprocal and respectful way to live and thrive.

The House that Breathes is created as a response to this great time of change. Intended as a supportive space to hold people through this great time of transition, we look forward to welcoming you to be together as we unravel, heal, reflect and when the time arises take action together coherently to create a New Way forward.

Further details including registration details are available here

“With large scale social issues it is vital that we bridge understanding. For real change to occur we need to bridge an understanding between all people, communities and sectors who play a role and can bring value to solutions, facilitate discussion and build empathy…the arts and sharing stories can play a central role in holding the space for all viewpoints, allowing these issues to live outside of documents and instead breathe life into these concepts capturing the nuances and touching the hearts and minds of all people connected to these issues. The Wiilpa projects and many of the community projects I am involved with enable people to be, do and respectfully co-create – so people can see where they have been, where they are and explore the opportunities of what is possible in the future – as individuals and also collectively”.

– Karen Knowles

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