For years I’ve been blending essential oils, creating products for myself to restore energy and feel good while touring and performing as a singer with lots of travel hours. This year I felt inspired to share some of the gifts that I find so helpful and so I am very excited to say “here is the Dandelight initial product range!”….I’m so looking forward to hearing about your experience with the products – the mix of music, essential oils and wellbeing tools for me inspires a more immersive complete kind of bliss – I hope you have a similar experience!


Karen Knowles

Please Note: We so hope you enjoy the experience of using these new products designed by Karen to create a ripple effect of ongoing wellbeing. We’d love to hear about how you are finding the experience. If you are interested in purchasing products in larger sizes please be in touch with your request and we will contact you soon – karen@karenknowles.com.au. Thank you!

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