Karen’s latest album is Solid Ground. All Karen’s releases on CD or DVD are available as CDs/DVDs or digital downloads.


self care
vocal & performance coach

Contact Karen here to enquire about coaching.

There are three different ways to engage with Karen:
– The entry level online training program 
The Tree of Knowing

– the deep dive 16 week program 

 book a singing coaching session or sound healing session 

Further details on the three options are below:


The House that breathes online gatherings will be commencing in September. You can register here

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All Karen’s Upcoming dates

Karralyka Theatre – Ringwood, Victoria, Australia on 22 September 2020 – by livestream – tickets available via the theatre

The House that breathes online gatherings will commence on Friday 4th September 2020 at 8 pm.

We are really glad to be presenting the House the breathes in conjunction with various practitioners as a response to this time in history. It is created as a nurturing space for humanity to reflect, breathe and come together to imagine and envision a future based on our shared values.

Further details are here

You can register here

Community engagement facilitated by graphic illustrator Devon Bunce – as part of The Remembering Interactive Forum 2015
Individual coaching with Karen
Willpa Discussion and Events
Karen Knowles as a judge
Karen Knowles first gold record
On a clear day CD –
Karen’ latest album – solid ground
By Request CD or download
On a clear day – CD or download

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