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Karen Knowles is one of Australia’s most loved musical personalities, with a career
spanning over four decades, connecting with audiences of all ages with the power of one
voice. To some, Karen is best known for her six years on Young Talent Time from 1975-1980. For
others she’s the platinum-selling recording artist responsible for the 80s top ten hit Why
Won’t You Explain
(No 1 in Perth and Hobart) and three top-charting albums.
For another generation she was the lead singer of The Seekers, filling Judith Durham’s
substantial shoes in the early 90s and recording the first ever version of the iconic ‘I Am
And for yet another cohort, Karen will forever be the voice of Christmas, a must have
songstress across the years at major Australian Carols By Candlelight events.
Along the journey, she’s made appearances TV in shows like Seven’s It Takes Two, was
nominated as Best New Talent at the Countdown Awards, was the highest selling Australian
female recording artist for two years running, has so far released eight studio albums, spent three
years living and recording in London, holds a law degree, started her own singing school
and life coaching businesses and more recently started a wellness company creating
essential oils, honey and other natural products to heal body, mind and spirit.
If life is your oyster, then Karen Knowles is truly one of the world’s pearls.

“Throughout my career, the one constant is the wish to connect with people and help them
connect with each other. Whether I’m standing on stage in front of people, recording music
for their enjoyment or working with them one on one, the joy in my life is connection,” Karen
explains. “Music nourishes the soul and particularly as I reflect on the journey my career has taken
me on, I want to share what I’ve learned and inspire others to discover their own paths.
When people come to one of my shows I want to be able to take them away from their
everyday lives, but also give them an opportunity to contemplate. In an age of selfies,

clickbait and brevity we tell people they are connected, but our minds are fed on a
fast food ‘content’ diet instead of nourishment for the soul. Whether it’s my music
or my wellness activities, my goal is always to open windows to worlds beyond words
that can touch and enlighten people.”

Always humble and letting her work tell the story, Karen has been an important advocate for
Indigenous recognition, appointed an Inaugural ambassador of the Council for Aboriginal
Reconciliation in 1998 and was honoured to be asked to record in language by Wirradjirri
elder and lore carrier Min Mia. Those songs are included on her 2019 album Solid Ground
which has taken her and her audience on yet another personal journey of learning and
discovery. With the culture of Australia weaving throughout her own story, from her pioneering
performances of I Am Australian through to the themes of her later albums, Karen’s focus
on discovery extends beyond the self and to our society as a whole.

“Australian history is really important as we work out what we want for the future. The
different perspectives and diversity in our Australian culture is what is unique here and all
those perspectives being heard is what respectfully knits our society together. The world
and country we want to live in is in our hands, but we need to open our minds and hearts to
be able to perceive the Whole. Our Indigenous people have enormous wisdom of the land
and a deep connection to country. When we hold a truly honouring intention, I have found
over time, once they get to know you and understand where you are coming from, trust is built
and then they are more open and often glad to share some of their culture with us. This is such
a privilege and makes us all stronger and more deeply connected to the beauty of our natural world.
We can all benefit from this journey and their knowledge and generosity but intention (non extraction)
and respect both ways, (being truly with each other) are key. As a whole the county is now well placed
to ask some big questions, create some foundations for this time (old/new ways) so we can work out
together what we want to create for the future of our children and their childrens’ children.
The arts can be an amazing holding space for these types of conversations often without
words. The sharing of this type of knowledge and stories is softer, less binary (right / wrong)
an important space of immersion and non-judgment can be created where curiosity, “light
bulb moments” and creativity can emerge. Music and art can be a place for people and
indeed the nation, to reach out to for help in their self-discovery journey.”

A career that started with an incredible voice has continued to grow as Karen expands the
use of that voice to create a better world. Through her Wiilpa project (wiilpa.org) she has brought
people together through music to view social issues with a new multi-lens creating a natural
powerful engagement process. Through her DandeLight range of products she creates gifts for the
senses to restore body, soul and spirit and inspire creativity. Through her teaching, law and
advocacy she uses her voice for justice and the wellbeing of future generations. And for her adoring
music audience who have grown up with her, she continues to perform, inspire and entertain and
share in the joy and love she has for singing and for writing songs.

For Karen Knowles, it’s her open channel – the power of one voice.

Upcoming Performances

karen knowles songs and stories harvey WA

Karen returns to Harvey WA to perform at the beautiful Stirling Cottages Gardens – Sunday 3 March 2024 – book here

Radio interviews:

Interview with Merran Regan Northside Radio Sydney NSW
Interview with Stolzy 2ST Radio Shoalhaven NSW

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About Karen

Karen brings heartfelt connection to all she does – as a singer, coach or event facilitator. She has been recording since 1980 and continues to create new music that is informed by a listening ear to the world. 

An Australian born singer/songwriter/performer, Karen commenced her performance career on Young Talent Time and then
became a recording artist and live performer. Her career now spans over 40 years. Receiving gold and platinum awards, Karen was the highest selling female recording artist in Australia for two consecutive years.  Lead singer of legendary Australian folk group “The Seekers” she toured with the group internationally for two years.  With Bruce Woodley and the National Boys Choir she recorded the original version of the much loved song “I Am Australian”.   Karen performs regularly at venues around Australia and she has spanned all forms of performance & engagement – recording, music theatre, live performance & television. Karen has received many awards and nominations during her career as a performer including an Australian Humanitarian Award for her Services to the Arts and was appointed by the Reconciliation Council as an Inaugural Ambassador for Reconciliation

Karen’s newest albums are Solid Ground and Sanctuary. All Karen’s music releases are available through our shop.

Within Karen’s coaching sessions she works with individuals to open their self expression. She also creates spaces for the nurturing of communities so they can thrive and heal through transitions. To book individual coaching sessions you can book a trial pack here.

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Karen Knowles’ 7th studio album – Solid Ground

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Karen’s Other Designs

Karen also offers personal designs of clothing, homewares, journals, accessories

Inspired by Karen’s travels around Australia.
Designs based on Karen’s photography during
Karen’s adventures when touring Australia

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Bag design: luminous light
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