Karen Knowles Solid Ground Album CD


Karen Knowles’ new album Solid Ground featuring new compositions and authorised sacred songs of the Wirradjirri indigenous people of New South Wales, Australia.

Karen was truly humbled when requested to record three sacred indigenous songs by Min Mia (Wirradjirri elder and lore carrier). The songs are now recorded so the gift of Min Mia’s ancestors’ songs can be honoured and celebrated with all Australian women and sung all over the world.

This album is a touching expression of spirit and an honouring of our connection to the land, the gift of life and all of creation.

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Introducing Karen Knowles’ Solid Ground album.

A new album featuring songs by Karen Knowles and musicians Michael Kokinos (guitars, harp) and Caerwen Martin (cello). Authorised sacred songs from the Wirradjirri indigenous people are featured including spoken word introductions by Wirradjirri elder Min Mia.

The Solid Ground album has been brewing for a few years. Initial songs like Listen and Hit the drum were written back in 1999 but seem most appropriate and relevant in today’s time.

“I feel so privileged to have been asked by Min Mia (Wirradjirri Indigenous elder and lore carrier) to record some of the sacred songs of the Wirradjirri people which I’ve grown to love over the past decade.

The Solid Ground album is a dedication to our earth and to help the healing of the disconnection so many people are feeling at this time in history.

May the resonance reach you on all levels” – Karen Knowles


Solid Ground Album tracks

  • Track 1: Listen
  • Track 2: Shipwreck
  • Track 3: And I Knew
  • Track 4: The Birds
  • Track 5: Hit The Drum
  • Track 6: Belong
  • Track 7: Solid Ground
  • Track 8: Min Mia Speaks
  • Track 9: Dtharn Dtharn Yannay
  • Track 10: Mirrah
  • Track 11: Nungeena-Tya

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