House that Breathes – registrations and initial Membership Subscription – Payments at Paypal

After our first sessions by donation we have moved into our initial membership subscription. This lasts for 16 weeks and will take us through to after Christmas and into the first months of 2021.

For people considering membership, through a process of consultation with the community these are the further details on the options we came up with for our initial phase:

1. General membership – weekly attendance, fee $40 per week(general) and $30 per week (concession) – we will have a fortnightly gathering and then a sound healing or other healing self care practice on the other week – so we will always be meeting at Thursday at 7.30 pm

2. Trial general membership – for people wishing to give House that Breathes a trial – we offer a 3 week package at $30 per week – please contact us here if you wish to make arrangements for a general 3 week trial package.

3. Attendance at self care / sound healing practice only (ie: fortnightly) – $40 (general) / $30 (concession) per fortnight ($20 / $15 pr week) – we can also do 3 of these as a trial too – contact us here if you wish to arrange a sound healing trial package.

4. If you wish to do a “drop in” one week for the sound healing / self care practice please contact us the day beforehand (ie: Wednesday) and we will be happy to include you.  Rate will be $40 for the drop in session.

You can also make payments via eft (rather than PayPal) if you prefer. Contact us for details if you wish to pay via eft

As always, please contact us at any time if you have any queries.

HTB general (all) weekly : $40.00 AUD – paid weekly
HTB general (conc) weekly : $30.00 AUD – paid weekly
HTB sound healing fortnightly session: $20.00 AUD – paid weekly
HTB general (all) $160.00 AUD – paid monthly
HTB concession (all): $120.00 AUD – paid monthly
HTB sound healing fortnightly session: $80.00 AUD – paid monthly 

Please select your preference at the PayPal button below
Initial Membership Options – subscription payments via Paypal:


Please register and complete the Participant Form on this page to register for The House that breathes Series of events.

We so appreciate you being with us and look forward to seeing you very soon!

with love respect & gratitude

Karen & all the presenters at The House that Breathes

Please note:

Once you have registered we will be in touch via email with further
details and the link for the event(s)

Any Questions?:

Feel free to contact us at

Until then Be well in All Ways ….

with our blessings

All of Us at The House that breathes

When you own your breath no-one can steal your peace….

– Author Unknown

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