House that Breathes – regular online gathering – Thursdays at 7.30 pm AEST

We look forward to you joining us!

Please complete the attendee agreement below, make initial payment by paypal or via eft and we will be in touch with your login details for our next session

Any questions please contact us here


Please choose from the 3 options:

1. General membership – fee for weekly attendance,

(i) $43 per week (general) or

(ii) $33 per week (concession)

Note there are two options listed at the drop down menu at PayPal – general (weekly) or general (monthly) instalment payments. If you wish to pay via eft as a periodic payment you can set this up through your banking portal (either weekly, fortnightly or monthly (whichever suits you).

2. Trial general membership – for people wishing to give House that Breathes a trial we offer a 3 week package at $30 per week – you can select the trial option via paypal below or contact us here if you wish to make arrangements for our 3 week trial package.

3. If you wish to be a member but are unsure if you will be able to attend each week we suggest a retainer of $20 per week plus the extra attendance fee to be paid before the session or immediately afterwards. The fee will be the same ($43 (an extra $23 for attendance for general admission) or $33 ($13 extra for concession admission) but the $20 regular periodic payment each week makes the Series feasible.

We have aimed to make the pricing and membership as accessible as possible while ensuring that the Series remains practically possible to run. We do need to ensure we have sufficient regular attendees in the group of members but we also wish to remain open to all. Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Note: you can make payments via eft (rather than PayPal) if you prefer. 

EFT Details:

Our eft details details are:

Account Name: Karen Knowles Enterprises Pty Ltd

BSB: 033 172

Account number: 258594

Attendee Agreement


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The House that Breathes – attendee agreement 

Session recordings & security

As an attendee of the House that Breathes series of events, I understand and acknowledge that sessions may be recorded for later use or for later sharing on demand. If I do not wish to be identified during the live sessions I agree that prior to entering an event I will amend the way my name is displayed on the meeting platform so that only my first name and the first initial of my last name identify me on the platform (zoom or other platform). However, I always agree to register and fully identify myself and my attendance prior to each House that Breathes event. 

I also agree to not share the login details with anyone so The House that Breathes organisers can be sure of the identity of all persons attending each event.

I agree to take as much responsibility as I can to ensure that the House that Breathes platform remains a safe space for members.

Membership fee (retainer) & attendance fee

Now that we have mutually agreed on a baseline membership structure or retainer of $20 per week to be a House that Breathes member (while also allowing for “drop in” visits according to people’s availability), I agree to pay fees for the baseline membership fee plus my attendance fee for attendace at particular events.

As an example

Baseline fee ($20)

+ Attendance Fee ($23 (general admission) or $13 (concession)

I agree to pay the baseline fee as a regular periodic payment and pay the attendance fee before or immediately following my attendance at each House that Breathes event.

I agree to work collaboratively to make my own wishes for the community known, knowing that while there is an intention for all members to be heard and respected my input will need to be consolidated with all other members’ preferences. 

If I have financial limitations, I agree to be in contact to see if there is a way to comfortably make things feasible for all. 

Terms and Conditions

I acknowledge that the Speakers’ expertise and their intellectual property shared at the gatherings or within other sessions belongs to the Speaker. 

I understand that no expertise may be extracted from the House that Breathes series and/or content repackaged to compete with the House that Breathes events or one of the speakers’ practices. I acknowledge that no content may be used for any other purpose than what it is intended – ie:  for the personal benefit of participants.

Curation of the House that Breathes series is by Karen Knowles of Karen Knowles Enterprises Pty Ltd. No part of any of the House that Breathes events may be shared outside the House that Breathes Series of events without prior written agreement. We of course remain open to collaborations. 

Identification of attendees:

So attendees can feel very safe while in our space we need to have agreed upfront that only people who identify themselves (full name and location) will be allowed entry to our events. If you have previously subscribed but have not provided your full name and details when subscribing to the site please fill in your complete details on this form. Thanks for your cooperation.

All attendees agree that provision of the meeting ID is for their personal use only and attendees agree to not share any of the meeting iDs or other means of entry into any of the events without prior agreement from the host.


I understand once I have agreed to this agreement I will be sent log in details for the events prior to the House that Breathes event. 

Please note in agreeing to these terms and conditions of the House that Breathes Attendee Agreement the general terms and conditions listed on Karen Knowles’ website are also incorporated:

Thank you sincerely for your understanding. Our intention is to respect all members by establishing these agreed foundations so we can enable a thriving community. 

We respect your email privacy

Payments via Paypal:

HTB general (all) weekly : $43.00 AUD – paid weekly
HTB general (conc) weekly : $33.00 AUD – paid weekly
HTB general (all) $172.00 AUD – paid monthly
HTB concession (all): $132.00 AUD – paid monthly 

Please select your preference at the PayPal button below
Initial Membership Options – subscription payments via Paypal:
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Thank you for registering and for your payment!

Thank you for registering by completing the attendee agreement above. If you are a new member once payment has been made for your three trial sessions (either via paypal as above or directly via eft) we will send you via email the login details before your first attendance at our next House that breathes event – Thursdays at 7.30 pm AEST.

We so appreciate you being with us and look forward to seeing you very soon!

with love respect & gratitude

Karen & all the presenters at The House that Breathes

Any Questions?:

Feel free to contact us at

Until then Be well in All Ways ….

with our blessings

All of Us at The House that breathes

When you own your breath no-one can steal your peace….

– Author Unknown

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