Sanctuary – Karen’s New album 2021 (CD)


Enjoy listening to new music from Karen as she presents  Sanctuary, her new recording for 2021.

Drop into songs designed to soothe the senses and open worlds unseen through musical and vocal tapestries that will transport and uplift you.


Karen is very glad to release her new recording Sanctuary in 2021. The year of 2020 and now 2021 with all the uncertainty and intensity wrapped up with time for reflection has really created a ripe environment to get Karen’s creative processes going!

Sanctuary is a mix of compositions by Karen and co writers (Way to love, Waiting for our hearts to sing and The Gate) and Karen’s own compositions such as Desert Sounds and Breathe in the Silence which have been recorded in the studio for the first time. Karen wrote Breathe in the Silence for the first ever National Reconciliation Convention in 1997 and Dean Frankel (who originally was involved as a Choir member in the Convention performance) joins Karen again as a backing vocalist on this recording. Brand new songs composed by Karen are also included Fallin into you and Divine (a musical response on the beach at Lorne after Melbourne’s 8 month lockdown in 2020). A new composition by Karen and Michael Kokinos A New Dream concludes the album which takes the listener into a reflective, open and hopeful space for future emergent possibilities. Remaining clear on our intentions and creative with our responses we can hold space for a beautiful unfolding for life’s next chapter.

Track listing:
1. Morning has broken (traditional arr Knowles)
2. Fallin into you (Knowles)
3. Way to love (Knowles / Freeman-Smith)
4. Waiting for our hearts to sing (Knowles / Freeman-Smith)
5. The Gate (Knowles / Anastasi)
6. Desert Sounds (Knowles)
7. Breathe in the Silence (Knowles)
8. Divine (Knowles)
9. A New Dream (Knowles / Kokinos)
My deepest thanks to Ernie Rose, Daniel Frankel and my co-writers Michael Kokinos, Rodney Freeman-Smith, Mat Anastasi and the amazing musicians Michael Kokinos (piano, harp), Caerwen Martin (cello) and Rodney Freeman-Smith (guitars) for their sensitive work. Thanks also to Peter Roberts for creating the beautiful reverie harp that inspired some of the songs on this album.
This album is an offering to humanity to remember our true north and to help find sanctuary within.
My deepest thanks to all involved.
I hope you find comfort and strength from the music in the days ahead…
Karen Knowles
Tracks 1, 2, 5 & 9 recorded and mixed by Ernie Rose
Tracks 7 & 8 recorded and mixed by Daniel Frankel
Track 3 recorded and mixed by Greg Ham
Track 4 recorded and mixed by Robert Dillon
Cover photography by Karen Knowles
Lead Vocal – Karen Knowles
Backing Vocals – Karen Knowles
Backing Vocal (overtone melody in Breathe in the Silence) – Dean Frankel
Piano / Reverie Harp – Michael Kokinos
Cello – Caerwen Martin
Guitars – Rodney Freeman-Smith
Mastered by Ernie Rose
Produced by Karen Knowles
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