Song Balm

Karen Knowles


Song Balm is a soft space to be held through the twists and turns of life. We empower people with skills and uplift the audience with beautiful touching music so they leave the space inspired, recharged and centered.

It is a performance and educative space curated by Karen and created in conjunction with our collaborators. Using artistry we work to connect people to themselves and to our amazing country that is always there to sustain us when we take the time to notice.

Each Song Balm event will be slightly different according to the local collaborators but each one is instilled with the same essence of healing and holding people with the power of love and connection to the natural world and what is happening in that particular moment. It is there that the magic happens.

Touring Australia and internationally in 2020 & 2021

The Song Balm Concert

Song Balm takes people into a soft healing place to a deeper connection with self that enables the audience to feel the support of our land and a deeper connection to country. Karen includes many of the songs from her new Solid Ground album in the show (which includes three sacred indigenous songs in language of the Wirradjirri people that Karen has been requested to record and perform by Min Mia (Wirradjirri elder and lore carrier).

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