House that breathes – reflections

Noticing during lockdown

I so enjoyed this morning’s walk. The sun was out early which prompted me to make myself step outside and I’m so glad I did. Feel grounded for the day and will be able to take these insights into all I do today….

Thought I’d share with you as an example…would love to hear your stories too!…

I walked up and entered the park and walked past two men exercising on the stage / performance podium. Happy, engaged, alive and music from the ghetto blaster pumping! People are being creative! Yay!! Making the most of what we have to work with and it’s so refreshing : )….

As I wandered on further I was drawn to sit on the park bench and watch the magpie to see what she wanted to tell me…she looked across to the right and I followed her gaze…their was a man walking around the oval in what looked like a white monk’s outfit who was also wearing a red hat…seeing him reminded me of the need to meditate and I was grateful….

I watched the magpie again and she looked to the left so I followed her gaze…two women were coming up the pathway, one with a child in a pram and the other with a dog….I was reminded of women’s roles as carers and the importance of that role in grounding, softening and enabling a positive experience for our next generations…

I continued to walk around the oval and passed a man sitting on a park bench, mask off, a little worried I was going to have a go at him for not wearing a mask even though we were outside and many metres away…I said hello and continued on….as I came to the end of the circle I saw the man in white again doing exercises at the park bench almost as if he was praying to the sun and working with positive energy. Once he saw me noticing, he continued on with stretches and then his friend joined him to stretch too….

I walked on down the pathway past the two men exercising (with their hats out to create space for the exercise area), they said hello again and then I noticed a baby wattle tree (feminine spirit) so I went over to her took my shoes off and as soon as I did the rosellas went mad! I started to do some qi gong exercises with my shoes off near the baby wattle tree and felt so much better as the sun streamed into my eyes. As I opened my eyes I notice that many of the leaves of the tree were diseased – as if they had been sprayed or maybe it was a bug (my horticulturist friend Karen is much better than me at these kinds of things and would be able to tell me)…it looked similar to the coloring I’ve recently noticed on my rose bush so i made a mental note to bring some organic anti-bug spray next time I go for a walk and we’ll see if that helps the baby wattle along…

What a morning…it’s not even 10 am….

Very grateful for this start to the day….



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The House that breathes is a regular online gathering created by Australian singer Karen Knowles. The gathering is a circle of care for today’s world featuring relaxing music, reflections and insights from musicians, wellness practitioners, elders and people who wish to contribute to a new reciprocal and respectful way to live and thrive. It is created as a response to this great time of change. Intended as a supportive space to hold people through this great time of transition we look forward to welcoming you to be together as we unravel, heal, reflect and when the time arises take action together coherently to create a New Way forward that honours all of Creation.

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Sharyne Railton
3 years ago

Beautiful Karen. Your program has made the world seem more normal.

Best wishes to all,

Sharyne R.

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