One Gift – Karen’s New album 2021


Karen’s new release for 2021 includes and expands on Karen’s composition One Gift for all (the single was released as a gift to the community on Christmas Day 2020)….

Karen is in the process of putting together a new release for 2021. The year of 2020 with all the uncertainty and intensity wrapped up with time for reflection has really got the creative process going! Her song “One gift for all” that Karen has gifted to the community is part of a larger body of work that Karen is very much looking forward to share with you.

Karen is so looking forward to moving forward together in a harmonious and collaborative way and so appreciates your involvement in pre-ordering the new album to make things possible (cost of studio time, musicians, mixing, mastering etc)
Karen is so grateful to you for being here and if you so choose to have you with her on the journey….
With love and appreciation 
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