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Karen’s Personal Vision and Empowerment Programs

An immersive way to learn from Karen’s life and professional experience on how to open oneself up to feel and let go of all restrictions held in the body. You’ll learn how to develop your self awareness, how to embody, express and live your truth….

Tree of Knowing – entry level personal empowerment program – coming soon
Tuned2You – Karen’s signature personal vision discovery program (includes two coaching sessions with Karen)

Clothing, bags, travel gear, accessories and homewares

Based on Karen’s photography, inspired by nature, the intention behind the designs is to
embed nature in your every day so nature remains always part of your world and within your field of awareness

sleeveless top
sleeveless top
Design – rock art
back pack
Design: iso (tree)
Design: luminous light
mini skirt
Design: rock art
back pack
Design: bloom
journal (hardcover)
Design: a natural beauty

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