The 12 days of nature

Hi everyone

Karen here. I have been thinking of ways to share some reflections with you about 2020. What a year it has been!

With the lapse in scheduled performances this year I have been deeply noticing nature using photography and my reverie harp and voice to reflect and embody moments. I thought I would share some personal reflections that have come into my experience this year. I hope this inspires you to look and experience the beauty of what is around us – waiting for each of us each day.

So grateful for your presence and I do hope you enjoy these reflections

with love


Christmas Gift 2020

Karen released a Christmas gift One gift for all on Christmas Day 2020. Other related new music has been composed and is in the pipeline to be recorded and released in 2021….

To pre-order the new album which will be released in the first quarter of 2021 and expands on the One Gift composition style click here

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The Twelve Days of Nature – Karen’s series of posts from
14 December to 25 December 2020

worlds within worlds…

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