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In addition to her work as a singer and performer, Karen is also a social entrepreneur, lawyer and humanitarian and has been involved in the reconciliation movement in Australia since 1995. She was appointed as an inaugural Ambassador for Reconciliation in 1998 by the Federal Reconciliation Council, Canberra. Karen is also an inventor (with patents granted in various jurisdictions) and is the founder of powers of i® and Wiilpa®. Both projects are born out of her experience as an artist and educator, giving expression to ideas and emotions along with her deep appreciation for whole systems thinking. Karen believes that holistic models and new ways of perceiving larger scale social and environmental issues challenges we now urgently face are the main ways we can collectively identify effective solutions without being distracted or diverted from humanity’s universal goals and values. Karen has a strong personal calling to inspire a wider appreciation of nature, the beauty and preservation of the planet, the value of the arts in reminding people what they may have forgotten and in fostering deeper appreciation of various (some often unseen) perspectives including the “wisdom of the elders”.

“With large scale social issues it is vital that we bridge understanding – as an example, the issues faced by indigenous communities are vastly different to the pressures that exist in the corporate sector – so for change to occur at a systemic level, for us to really be effective at a global level, we need a holistic approach. Bridges that build understandings between all people, communities and sectors who play a role can bring great value to solutions. We need to facilitate discussion, build empathy and respect vision of the whole picture so we can effectively perceive and work towards common goals. The arts can play a vital and impactful role in holding the space for all viewpoints, allowing these issues to live outside of documents and moving thoughts into the experience and hearts and minds of all those connected to these issues. These projects I am working on enable people to do, be and co-create – allow us to see where we have come from, experience who we really are and explore the opportunities of what is possible in the future – both personally and collectively. At this point in history it is so important we hold a multi dimensional viewpoint to steer our collective ship wisely for the sake of humanity and for the earth itself – to work with her and steward her through the challenges well”.

WIILPA Workshops and Events

Wiilpa® Workshops and events open immersive innovative pathways designed to open participants’ perception.


The Remembering – Immerse

The Remembering Immerse is an awareness project designed as a sensory workshop featuring sound healing, song, bush plants and ceremony connecting participants to country.

Presented by Wiilpa in association with Edible Eden Design this event features Karen Knowles (singer/social and cultural innovator), Adam Rankin (sound healer/musician), Ian Hunter (Wurundjeri elder) and Karen Sutherland (horticulturist). This 2 hour workshop incorporates sound and resonance (sound healing and song), ceremony, taste and smell (sampling of bush plants and teas) to create a means for participants to experience a personal and fully sensory immersive connection to earth and the elements.

Singer / innovator Karen Knowles and sound healer / musician Adam Rankin will collaborate on the sounds and song that will hold participants in a gentle space of healing and re-alignment. Ian Hunter, Wurundjeri elder will commence the event with a welcome to country and Karen Sutherland, horticulturist and founder of Edible Eden design conducts a tour of the Edible Eden garden so participants can smell and taste our distinctive native bush plants. Some native bush teas will be served during the workshop to clear and align the body for healing through the process. Held at Edible Eden’s site in Pascoe Vale South or at another site as agreed. Please be in touch if you would like to discuss the incorporation of this workshop in to a future event or project for the various benefits of wellness, leadership and perspective when making decisions

If you are interested in future Remembering-Immerse events please contact us at: to discuss

The Remembering events are an invitation to participants to go on a journey of discovery, empowering people to recognize the things of value that are currently unseen and realize they can take steps towards a deeper, accepting being place from which to reflect and direct their life.

Self discovery then leads on to a collaborative space where people can play their unique part in the urgent larger scale issues the world currently faces. Redefining goals through a truly respectful and inclusive picture, we are well placed to identify where we wish to travel personally and collectively and what gaps we have within our own understanding. Merging diverse perspectives with practical applications for this new awareness we can move towards a thriving place – for us as individuals, and for us as corporations or not for profits – integrating various perspectives and sharing awareness of common goals so all people and the planet itself can thrive.


The first Remembering event was our interactive forum as part of the Sustainable Living Festival 2015, Melbourne Australia.

Wiilpa in association with the Global Leadership Foundation & The Sustainable Living Festival presented The Remembering: an interactive forum featuring Tim Costello (Chair C20, CEO of World Vision), Aunty Carolyn Briggs (Boonwurrung Elder), Karen Knowles (Founder/Creator Wiilpa), Kate Auty (Commissioner, Office of Envrionmental Sustainability Victoria) and other leaders.

The inaugural event was first in a series of events integrating indigenous wisdom, artistic perspectives, social and business innovation as we consider how we can move from sustainability to ‘thrivability’ – interconnecting expertise and identifying new models to restore balance with mindfulness of the impact of current actions on future generations.

We have so much wisdom in this great country of ours…including the wisdom each of us holds. Yet it is often unheard and unseen. In remembering our roots, both those of this land, and those of us who bring our own remembering we have the opportunity to connect with the emerging story of our individual and collective lives. A story that unites, sustains and ultimately supports thriving of each of us and this great Southern land.

All Remembering events are designed to bring community together and strengthen our ties to each other, our connection to the earth and stewardship of our planet. We all have a part to play so the invitation is open to dialogue experientially (at a deeper level – more than words) to reach common ground and create common goals. Using tools that enable us to perceive the whole picture together we can achieve buy in, integration and see a significant ripple effect. If you would like to work with us to achieve mutual goals please contact us at

Some examples of the other workshops and events Wiilpa offers include:


Wiilpa works with various indigenous elders and communities to bring an appreciation of indigenous culture to a mainstream audience. We work to build common ground based on mutual respect – where there is no sense of “assimilation” methods but instead a deep appreciation and understanding of what each worldview offers.

We work together to:

+ demonstrate the various aspects of value inherent in holistic ways of thinking and being that are often lost within our western structures

+ celebrate the richness of culture and define ways to apply it. We work to protect what needs protection and for content that can be shared we work to create community, shared value and become self sustaining.

+ educate children and adults about the richness of our history, culture and our land.



Wellness of individuals is the starting point for all social improvements. A large part of wiilpa’s work always has a wellness component to honour this truth – our large scale environmental issues can only be changed through a shift in personal perception. Personal perception is so framed by how well we are – so we start here.

Connecting to country is a common theme through all wiilpa workshops. Our land is our closest friend and ally and we assist participants in opening their perception to a deeper connection with the earth bringing balance and stability.



This workshop is a leadership workshop where we work in a location that has a connection to nature and start to apply holistic models to the western framework. This is a work in progress that many organisations are engaged in and we are happy to play a part in coming up with new old ways to be, collaborate, mutually benefit and thrive with respect, truth and reciprocity as our fundamental values.



We are pleased to curate performances, forums, ceremonies and gatherings for specific Festivals and events.

If you are interested in discussing a collaboration please send us some background information about you or your organisation, details about what you are currently seeking to achieve and how you envisage we may practically work together. We look forward to hearing from you and working towards a respectful and sustainable collaboration!

Contact us to discuss at:


Willpa – Gatherings, Ceremonies, Discussions

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavours to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours”. Henry David Thoreau

#Leadership is this amazing panel of leaders @Wiilpa event The Remembering Bill

Audience member, The Remembering - Interactive Forum, ACMI, Melbourne

Creativity. New ways of seeing. New ways of being. New old ways. #theremembering @wiilpa Steph

Audience member, The Remembering - Interactive Forum, ACMI, Melbourne

Reconciliation Victoria

22nd February, 2015

Wiilpa have joined forces with leadership organization to hold a series of forums called “The Remembering”.  The forums integrate Indigenous wisdom, artistic perspectives, social and business innovation to identify new models of collaboration to restore balance with mindfulness of the impact of current actions on future generations. Reconciliation Victoria

The Remembering - Interactive Forum, ACMI, Melbourne


– enabling different worldviews, awareness of links and stewardship of the natural world to be embedded in our digital reality 

Powers of i opens our natural multi sensory perception in digital spaces, giving us a means to protect and share aspects of our identity and map the interconnections between people and information in a multi-tiered way. The framework provides a new shape for decision making driven by identity and multi sensory language incorporating multiple viewpoints. It provides an innovative new tool for increasing self awareness, promoting understanding and respect and enables awareness of our interconnections. Decision making for larger scale issues like climate change and empowering citizen action can be greatly improved by incorporating the powers of i model.

The powers of i framework for personalized and integrated multi sensory interface design is detailed in the patents now granted to Karen Knowles Enterprises Pty Ltd in Australia, Singapore, China, South Africa (and some other territories pending). Clients license in the patent and Powers of i consulting offers innovation consulting to customise the powers of i framework and “know how” in this field (independently developed since 2007) for specific purposes. Through the process of engagement we create mutual understanding with all participants, working to achieve stakeholder buy in to the holistic multi tiered integrated vision. A “design thinking” workshop is incorporated to achieve clarity and coherence with all participants so the vision can be actioned in real time and realized.

Some of the many benefits of the framework include:

  • Efficiency – giving meaning to multi sensory language (colors, icons, touch, movement, texture, sounds) enables people to operate in digital spaces using various natural levels of cognition – simultaneously! This delivers much faster speed, recall and access to information.
  • Breadth of awareness – diverse worldviews are enabled and become part of the mainframe conversation. Using the powers of i framework, users are aware and supported to experience their own perspective while simultaneously maintaining awareness of other perspectives. This is especially helpful for collaboration, training, reaching shared understanding and galvanizing support with a large number of participants and agendas. Each perspective is understood and respected instead of operating through a “one size fits all’ perspective and through the lens of one worldview.
  • partner organisations can customize their multi sensory toolset to embed their brand and strategy in the organisation’s interface

For further information and for forwarding details about you or your organisation, what you are currently seeking to achieve and how we may explore a potential collaboration please contact us at To engage Karen to license and customize the powers of i framework and incorporate into your organisation’s project or strategy please contact Karen at


“Communication method, system and products” – patents granted to Karen Knowles Enterprises Pty Ltd in Australia, Israel, Singapore, China, Russia and South Africa.


Karen consults to a select group of businesses on legal and intellectual property strategy. The combination of 35 years experience in the music and entertainment industries, extensive business management, legal experience in contract and intellectual property law at a top tier international law firm, experience acting as in house legal counsel for several entities and experience in IT start ups liaising with technical, strategic and business development partners, all combine to offer a unique capability. Karen utilizes her experience in relation to the commercial reality of international patents and trademarks and works with clients to adapt strategy and legal advice into a commercial context.

To speak with Karen about a potential engagement please contact her at