Working with Musicians Workshop


Our Working with Musicians Workshop is held on a Saturday from 12 to 4 pm at Rehearsal Studios in Burwood Victoria Australia with Karen, Nick and the band.


Our Working with Musicians Workshop is held in a professional rehearsal room so participants can experience the “real thing” of singing live with a band! Karen Knowles, senior teacher and band members lead participants through the process of singing as a musician, amending vocal delivery and dynamics according to the input and changes in musical structure offered by the small band. Suitable for participants wishing to experience the first steps of improvising with musicians or anyone who has always dreamed of singing with a band! We incorporate a small section on songwriting for those who have interest in developing their unique voice and story. We focus on building students confidence in a very nurturing environment as they take the next steps towards public performance. Some of the skills and experiences students gain include: –  Interpreting favourite songs – experience singing a live band – working up your own repertoire with the band prior to a public performance –  developing snippets of melodies, lyrics or song ideas and see your own songs come into form! – receiving instruction on how to direct musicians so they accompany you in the way you would like them to – learning about dynamics and how to vocally and physically lead a band Its always an amazing day! We look forward to welcoming you.

Before you commence classes, we suggest you buy our Starter Pack for use as an ongoing reference when practicing vocal technique in your own time. An ongoing reference tool, it will give you confidence and reinforce the concepts you will consolidate in class.

Please refer to Karen Knowles Singing School Terms and Conditions.

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