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Karen Knowles Singing School

Information for New Students

Individual classes are offered per term or weekly (for adults).

Once students have decided to move into a regular ongoing annual booking, we ask you to arrange a regular periodic payment with your bank so we can hold the regular time for you. Once you hold a regular time, please give us a term’s notice if you wish to discontinue classes.

To confirm your ongoing booking with us please contact us at

We look forward to getting to know you and being an important part of your musical journey.

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Class Fees 

(Half Hr/45 min/Hour)
Individual Tuition with Karen Knowles Online (via skype or facetime)
WED $90 / $135 / $165 + GST
THURS $90 / $135 / $165 + GST

Individual Tuition with Karen at Surrey Hills or Online (via skype or facetime)
Sat $90 / $135 / $165 + GST

Small Group Class with Karen Online
(fee for 2 students or 3-4 students per 45 min class, 30 min class (for very young students)
(fees listed per student)

Sat $ 62.50 (2 to 4 students) + GST 45 min (8 years +)
Sat $44 (2 to 4 students) + GST (5 to 7 yo class)

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 For any queries please feel free to contact us


For our regular bookings we require a yearly commitment for all individual classes (as for most private schools). All classes require fees to remain one term in advance. Alternatively, students can utilize our monthly agreement (direct debit) option.

Credit card payments via Paypal or Stripe.


For our students with annual bookings, payments are preferred by EFT. Our EFT details are:
Bank: Westpac
A/c Name: Karen Knowles Enterprises Pty Ltd
A/c No: 258 594    BSB: 033 172
Payments may also be made by cheque or money order.
Payable to:
Karen Knowles Enterprises Pty Ltd
PO Box 437
Kew VIC 3101

When forwarding payments please confirm which timeslot you would like or have enrolled in and provide your contact details (telephone, email and mailing address).

When forwarding payments please send us an email ( to confirm which time slot you have enrolled in or your suggested options for suitable time slots and provide your contact details (telephone, email and mailing address) and best times to contact you. You may email us at any time. If you wish to speak to us, please email us with suitable times to return your call.

Due to scheduling of teachers and venues, payments are requested to be received in advance for new students (ie: one month prior to term classes or workshops commencing). Students will not be permitted to commence training where fees remain unpaid. Many thanks for your co-operation – it enables the School to run effectively. We look forward to welcoming you and having you part of our School community.

Confirmation of Enrolment

A student’s place will be confirmed once full payment has been received.  In order to be assured of a place please arrange confirmation of your booking to be received three weeks in advance of classes or workshops commencing. Existing term class students are invited to re-enrol for their existing place during the previous term. In order to have their existing place confirmed for the following term,Confirmation of their place must be received at the office halfway through the preceding term in order to confirm the space. This also ensures the smooth running of the school’s timetables.  For new individual and small group class students we will liaise with you regarding the confirmed time within 7 to 10 days once full payment has been received.

Enrolment Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy: All fees are non refundable except where: (i) a class is cancelled by the Karen Knowles Singing School in circumstances where an alternate teacher or alternate class is not offered by the School within a reasonable time frame. In the latter case a full refund will be provided; (ii) a student withdraws from tuition due to illness or injury that prevents the student from completing the course; or (iii) exceptional circumstances prevent the student from completing the course (eg: unplanned move interstate, prescribed care taking of family member (father, mother, spouse/partner, child) due to illness or injury). In the last two cases all fees are refundable except a $120 administration fee and a credit (minus the administration fee) can be held on file for future classes. Payments for enrolments will not be refunded due to a change of mind. All group classes require a minimum number of enrolments in order to run. Should a course not be able to commence due to insufficient numbers or teacher unavailability you will be advised as soon as possible and if an alternate teacher or alternate class cannot be provided within a reasonable time frame all fees will be refunded.

Make Up Class Policy: A maximum of two make- up classes are permitted per term for Individual lessons only. In order to qualify for a make -up class see non-attendance policy below. Please note make-up classes for individual classes must be completed within the term that they relate to. Times for make-up classes are to be agreed with the student and teacher directly and are to be made up within the same term. Arrangements can be made for long-term illnesses or lengthy vacations exceeding 3 weeks. Make-up classes are not applicable for group classes (such as adult group, small group and Saturday afternoon or Sunday breakfast club) as the class will still run in the students absence with teacher and venue costs still incurred. However, group class participants who miss a class may attend an alternate group class at another venue or timeslot to make up a missed class.

Missed Lesson/Non-Attendance Policy: Students will forfeit classes they are unable to attend unless students are able to inform the School at least 48 hours before the class of their intended absence. In this circumstance, subject to teacher and time availability, an arrangement for a make-up class may be organised but cannot be guaranteed. All last minute class cancellations will have to be forfeited due to venue fees and payment for teacher’s time. No make-up classes apply for group classes as the class will run in any event. Thank you so much for your co-operation.

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