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We are going to post here some thoughts, tips and suggestions for people as they are moving into the world of singing and self expression in the hope that these thoughts and suggestions open you up to the thought that yes you can sing (as we all can)! So many people when they come to their first lesson are very self conscious and keep saying “how bad they are at singing”. I ask all people to let all that negativity go! – we all have a voice and we can find a way to use it well and express our story. I hope these tips and suggestions we will continue to post here help you to feel that way too…

The Fundamentals!

Breathing and regular practice are the fundamentals of singing. We live so much in our heads these days, coming back to the breath to re-centre in itself opens up a whole new world. During classes we teach you how to breathe well and very naturally. So many of us are not aware we are breathing shallowly. We take this self awareness out into our lives which has many health and lifestyle benefits – simple but so effective. The breath is the seat of the soul. We need to master (with ease) breath control so we have the tools for our “soul song” to be expressed.


Often overlooked, posture is such an important part of singing. Be aware of not swaying your back. Its so important for the body to be in alignment.
Practices like yoga and Alexander Technique are wonderful for singers as they get people back in tune with their bodies. When learning something new it’s so easy to concentrate on the task at hand rather than viewing learning to sing as a complete package which it is!  Mind, body spirit all come into it and awareness of posture needs to be maintained at all times as does awareness of how relaxed you are.
A relaxed head and body space are essential for performance so you bring it all together. As a beginner you can work towards the goal of getting all these skills
together so later you will be able to go anywhere you feel inspired to go vocally in the moment!

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