Karen Knowles 


One of Australia’s favourite singers, Karen Knowles has been touching the hearts of millions of Australians for decades. An Australian born singer, performer and songwriter, Karen is also founder of Wiilpa, a lawyer, inventor, entrepreneur, humanitarian and has been involved in the reconciliation movement since 1995.

From her start on the iconic television show Young Talent Time, Karen cemented her position in the hearts and minds of Australians performing with the show for 6 years.

Karen soon after began recording and received gold and platinum awards for Why Won’t You Explain, You are the Reason and Loves Us All. For two consecutive years Karen Knowles was the highest selling female recording artist in Australia. Star of the Big River musical and lead singer with the Seekers in the early 1990’s Karen has been touring nationally and internationally throughout her singing career.

Today Karen performs regularly at solo concerts and has just released her 7th studio album Solid Ground.   It features 11 new compositions dedicated to Mother Earth including three sacred songs of the Wirradjirri people that Karen has been requested to record for the first time.

Karen offers singing classes and performance training locally in Melbourne, Australia at her Surrey Hills Singing School and online lessons and programs.

Karen brings her heart and creativity into everything she does as a singer, songwriter, performer, teacher, producer, curator and Reconciliation Ambassador.

She is currently touring Australia and internationally across 2019/2020 and 2021 to promote the Solid Ground album and her new performance and wellness series Song Balm (see video below).

Karen Knowles


The Song Balm Series – touring Australia and internationally


Hear what others have to say about Karen Knowles.

Karen it was wonderful to have the opportunity to work with you this year and to hear your beautiful voice close up!


Spirit of Christmas concert, QPAC, Brisbane

I would like to congratulate you on your new CD Solid Ground. On first listen I immediately felt a connection to it. The words are deeply meaningful and I feel your connection to Mother Earth which also makes me feel a connection too. I already love nature but your CD has bought it to another level. I cant decide which song is my favourite as I hear something else in each song every time I listen to it which is everyday as it stays in my car but ‘The Birds’ and the title track are pretty special. I just felt like letting you know that you’ve done an astounding job on this CD and I look forward to seeing you live at one of your shows. Michael

Solid Ground album

It felt like we were transported out of the venue into a beautiful, safe place. It was almost sacred in it’s delivery. Sharon

audience member, The Song Balm Series

Best show I have seen for many a day. Come back soon please!


Audience member, Forge Theatre and Arts Hub, Bairnsdale, Victoria