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Thank you for registering for the House that Breathes Series.

We are so looking forward to you joining us!

You can pay now to become a member by paying via Paypal. Further details are below.

There are three main options:

1. General membership – $43 per week (weekly) – gatherings (one week) & sound / sound & vision healing sessions (each other week)

2. Concession membership – $33 per week

Please note if you are having financial difficulty please feel free to contact us here to discuss. We don’t want to turn anyone away but we also need to make the Series feasible on all levels.

Once we have received payment you will receive our email shortly regarding link to login. Please allow sufficient time for any technical issues and ensure you have downloaded (if necessary) the app in advance

Until then be well in all ways…and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Karen Knowles
Singer / Founder
The House that breathes

You can make payments via eft (rather than PayPal) if you prefer.

Please contact us at any time if you have any queries.

Further support for extending the reach of the Series – by donation

We so appreciate your donation so we are able to keep the costs of running The House that Breathe events sustainable and be in a position to extend our reach and impact.

You can make a donation as an expression of appreciation here securely using Paypal.

We believe a New Way forward needs to involve reciprocity with things working in all ways for everyone.
Moving beyond extraction to a new way of being based on understanding and respect seems does essential now for Creation’s survival. We like to walk our talk…

Thanks again so much for being part of this journey and well see you very soon!

with our love and gratitude

Karen and all the Presenters at the House that Breathes

Further details on The House that Breathes Online Series

We are creating this space to acknowledge the uncertainty, confusion, fear, grief, and the “not knowing” how we will get through this feeling that is arising for many people during this time of transition.

It seems so important for community to gather to share personal stories so people feel able to fully respond. Some people may be feeling blocked and will need support to being able to actually feel exactly what they are feeling. Our Goa is to assist you in various ways to remain resourceful during this time of change.

We invite you to come as you are. Come with your tiredness, come with your gifts, come with an open heart to deeply be with us. Be present, listen, discover, contribute, grieve and when the time arises we can start to feel into and imagine a respectful and life-giving way forward. We cannot create the new in a void. It must be grounded in our personal experience and in our own stories.

We so look forward to your company on this journey.

with love


Karen Knowles
Singer / Founder
The House that breathes


Our first online event was held at 8 pm AEST (Melbourne Australian time) on Friday 4th September 2020

Online Gathering Events will be held fortnightly at 7.30 pm on Thursdays for the foreseeable future. A sound healing / sound & vision healing sessions is offered at the same time on the consecutive week (ie: fortnightly).

As always, we will continue listen to the community’s feedback and what is currently happening in the world and respond.

Any Questions?:

Feel free to contact us at

Circle of Care – Our values-based Community

The House that breathes is the first embodiment of our Circle of Care and we are so glad to present for you our first Circle of Care community.

In the future we wish to use this framework to create further communities utilising a common base of shared values so we can be be and act together for common goals in beautiful ways.

We are currently receiving expressions of interests from aligned people who would like to join us to create an online values based community that supports members and fosters co-creation of a compass to steward Creation forward.

If you would like to send us an expression of interest in joining our Circle of Care Community you can do so here

When you own your breath no-one can steal your peace….

– Author Unknown

copyright Karen Knowles Enterprises Pty Ltd trading as the House that Breathes

all rights reserved.

copyright Karen Knowles Enterprises Pty Ltd (trading as The House that Breathes)
All Rights Reserved

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