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Brisbane Singing School Introduction
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Childrens Classes and Workshops

          Term Classes Offered

  1. Small Group Classes (for two to four students) - suitable for students aged 6 to 12 who are interested and ready to start to learn about vocal technique but within a social context. Classes currently held on Mondays.
  2. Saturday and Sunday Breakfast Club classes - our entry level larger group multi-age class where the focus is on enjoyment! Classes currently held on Sundays at 10 am (hour class).
  3. Song and Dance Classes - for students aged 4 to 16 (ages 4 to 8; 9 to 12 and 12 to 17) - these larger group classes are perfect for students just starting out but also for more experienced singers who need development with movement in song. To register your interest please complete our enquiry form.
  4. Individual Tuition - where the main focus of the class is on vocal technique and individual song interpretation. Classes are currently held on Mondays. Please contact us or submit our enquiry form regarding suitable and available class times.
  5. Music Theatre Class - coming soon. To register your interest please complete our enquiry form.
  6. Karen Knowles Youth Choir - see below for all details

If you would like to enrol for any of our term class options please see our How to Enrol Page. If you would like to register your interest in any of the term class options please complete our Enquiry Form.

Holiday Workshops

Three Day Workshops (for 8 to 16 year olds):

Led by Susie Carter, this workshop is designed to challenge students vocally and musically and assists in the growth of the students’ musicianship. Students learn vocal skills and as a group, explore rhythms, develop aural, harmony and pitch skills, learn new world music and gospel / acappella repertoire in a fun and interactive environment. Students also work on their choice of individual repertoire and receive a written vocal assessment during the course of the workshop. The workshop provides students with a lot of knowledge and some performance experience and so significantly increases students’ confidence. Group work assists students mastering pitch skills and the focus on performance skills adds another dimension to the content. The content of these workshops is a great compliment to the regular term classes and are equally suitable for students just starting out. There is a performance held for friends and family at the conclusion of the workshop.

Two half day Workshops (for 5 to 7 year olds):

Led by Susie Carter, this workshop is designed for the little ones as a soft entry into the world of music. Susie is a Mackay Conservatorium (music theatre) and QUT graduate who holds a Bacehelor of Education and has a particular interest and talent for working with young children. During the workshop the singing and music components are interspersed with other activities, such as story writing and drawing, so the children remain engaged and don’t tire too quickly. Group vocal work is covered as well as individual or duo performances as appropriate for the participants. There is a short performance for parents and friends of the repertoire they have learned at the end of the workshop.

Teacher for Holiday Workshops


January 2007 Holiday Workshop Dates
8 to 16 year old


15 to 17 January 2007
5 to 7 year old 22 & 23 January 2007 -


Adult Classes and Workshops

  1. Individual Tuition - classes currently held on Mondays.
  2. Adult Group Class - class run by Ofelia Guizzon (QLD Conservatorium Graduate, professinal singer and well experienced contempoarary vocal coach) and held on Mondays.
  3. Small Group Class - for 2 to 4 students (see small group class page)
  4. Weekend Workshops for adults on Rhythm Song and Dance and Performance are coming soon - to register your interest please complete our enquiry form

To Register Your Interest

To register your interest in our term classes or our Brisbane holiday workshop program please complete our enquiry form.


Karen Knowles Youth Choir


Director:                                      Karen Knowles

Musical Director/Choir Leader:          Sherree Drummond

Accomplished choir leader, singer and teacher, Sherree Drummond is the musical director of the Karen Knowles Youth Choir in Brisbane. Sherree holds a Bachelor of Music from the QLD Conservatorium and also holds a Bachelor of Education.  Sherree has won many competitions as a choir leader in QLD and has had extensive experience with both youth and childrens choirs. For 12 years, Sherree directed the highly successful Redcliffe & Bayside singing group the Treble Clef Youth Choir which was a choir specializing in 3 part harmony, also incorporating ‘choralography’ for the broadway/musical theatre repertoire.  The group performed with the Queensland Pops Orchestra, opening of the Goodwill Games and toured Southeast and Western Queensland.





Applicants must be amateur singers who are aged between 12 to 18.


Applicants are requested to perform one song of their own choice that best demonstrates their vocal talents. Sheet music or a backing track on CD must be brought to the audition. The auditions are conducted in a friendly and supportive way.


There will be one round of formal auditions on Saturday 2nd December at the School’s Brisbane venue at the RNA Showgrounds.


Rehearsals are held weekly at the RNA Showgrounds, Bowen Hills. Attendance is compulsory. Members are requested to arrive 10 minutes prior to rehearsal commencement time.

Rehearsal times for 2007 are:

Tuesdays from 7 pm to 8.30 pm


Public concerts will be held during the year at venues around Brisbane. Members are expected to give a high priority to attendance at all such engagements.



All choir members must be financial members of the Karen Knowles Youth Choir.

The annual fee which includes membership, tuition and song sheets is payable in two instalments:

The fee structure is:

-   First Instalment: $360

-   Second Instalment: $360

The first instalment is payable by 30th January 2007 and the second by the 30th July 2007.

One months notice, in writing, must be given of a student’s intention to leave the Choir. Please see the Karen Knowles Singing School’s website for further “Terms and Conditions”.


Applicants wishing to audition for the Karen Knowles Youth Choir should complete the Audition Application Form (please telephone us on 1300 889 357 and we will forward you the form).

All relevant sections of the Application Form must be completed.

A non-refundable application fee of $12.50 must accompany the form. For families, the maximum fee is $25. Applications received without a fee will not be processed. Please make all cheques payable to Karen Knowles Enterprises Pty Ltd. You will find our internet banking details on our website ( or you may telephone us on 1300 889 357 for the details. 

Completed forms should be forwarded to:

The Administrator

Karen Knowles Youth Choir

PO Box 437 Kew Victoria 3101 

In order to reach the Office by the closing date which is:

16 November 2006

Important Dates

24 November 06             Mail out of audition times

2 December 06               Auditions

7 December 06               Mail out of audition results

14 December 06              Final date for offer acceptance  


To Register Your Interest

To register your interest in our term classes, our Brisbane holiday workshop program or the Karen Knowles Youth Choir please complete our enquiry form.